Partner / Consortium

SPELL Partner

Research partners


DFKI (Consortium leader)

  • Applied AI research​
  • Semantic modelling and AI services ​
LOGO Fraunhofer FOKUS

FhG Fokus

  • Crisis information logistics

The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS integrates the Katwarn system with the aim of supporting the control centers in informing the population by means of appropriate recommendations for action..


  • Data Sovereignty, security, AI safety ​
  • IT in emergency services​

The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE is accompanying the requirements engineering at the control centers as well as the topic of reliable safeguarding of AI algorithms with the question of the extent to which critical decisions can be made independently by AI. Furthermore, IESE contributes the framework “MY DATA Control Technologies” to the research project, which primarily serves to evaluate, enforce, and manage security and data protection regulations.

Logo TU Darmstadt (UA)

TU Darmstadt (UA)​

  • AI for control centers & platform economics​

The TU Darmstadt is contributing its expertise in the areas of AI for control centers and emergency service planning, as well as platform economics and business model development. Among other things, the first responder app Meine-Stadt-rettet is being enhanced with AI methods. In addition, TU Darmstadt is creating a business model for the SPELL platform.

Dissemination & Networking

Logo VfS

Verband für Sicherheitstechnik e.V.

  • Public relations
  • Development of scenarios

The Verband für Sicherheitstechnik (VfS) networks important players in the field of safety technology and promotes SPELL with appropriate public relations work.

Technology partners and platform operators ​

Logo advancis


  • Operation of SPELL in the field of hazard management systems ​

The focus of Advancis, software provider for vendor-neutral security and building management, is on integrating, harmonizing and harnessing sensor data for downstream AI-based value-added services, as well as operating the SPELL platform in industrial and building control rooms.

Logo apheris


  • Exchange and analysis of distributed data while maintaing privacy

Apheris enables secure collaboration among multiple companies on applied artificial intelligence and data analytics without compromising privacy. Through the Apheris platform, new digital business models are unlocked and previously inaccessible data assets are made usable.



  • Participation in the development of use case „major incident“ and development of an own app
Logo corevas

Corevas (KMU) ​

  • Emergency communication with chat and video feature ​

With Corevas, experts in smart communication technologies are on board, who, within the framework of SPELL, focus on the transmission and interpretation of image information from operations in the field and its provision to emergency forces for situational awareness and assessment.

DRK​- Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.

  • Operation of SPELL for emergency and rescue services

The German Red Cross, as the operator of the majority of the control centers in Germany, and via the DRK-Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. also the one in Ludwigshafen, will later roll out the system nationwide.

Logo Empolis


  • Cloud AI provider and SPELL platform development & operation

Empolis, a spin-off of DFKI and the first AI company in Germany, is responsible for the technical development of the platform and the marketing beyond the control centers later on.

Logo ISE


  • Integration of SPELL in emergency and rescue services

As the market leader for mission control systems in the area of 112 emergency call centers, iSE provides AI-based value-added data from SPELL to the control centers in everyday life and in special situations. In addition, SPELL is used to exchange information across organizations and systems.

LiveReader (KMU)​

  • Knowledge-intensive processes in control centers ​

LiveReader GmbH focuses on knowledge-intensive processes and will develop a system for AI-supported emergency call acceptance in control centers as part of SPELL.