SPELL – AI in the cross-linked control center of the future

SPELL – KI in der vernetzten Leitstelle der Zukunft

SPELL – AI in operations and situation management

SPELL is the semantic platform for intelligent decision and operations support in control and situation centers. The goal is to initiate measures for hazard prevention, emergency aid, and care for the population more quickly and in line with the crisis situation, which can be for example, major incidents, pandemics, natural disasters or widespread power outages. This is to be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence.

In crisis situations, it is necessary that we distribute our resources correctly and make the right decisions based on the available information. A prerequisite is a situation picture as a comprehensive overview of all relevant information and a crosslinking of all involved parties. The current pandemic is a good example of this. A well-founded and good decision needs a lot of data for a comprehensive situation picture – a crisis, on the other hand, requires quick decisions. In this area of conflict between good and fast decisions, artificial intelligence can make a significant contribution by analysing an extensive amount of data and presenting it in a compact form for decision-making.

The SPELL project, which is funded by the BMWK, started in June 2021 with a duration of three years.

Initial Situation

Highly complex tasks that people cannot perform without support​:

  • Profound effects of, for example, pandemics or major incidents on many areas of the economy and life
  • Increased demands on control centers (emergency services: rescue services, fire department, police, industrial control centers, building control centers)
  • Flood of data via different, non-synchronized channels


  • Decision support through availability, aggregation and analysis of diverse data
  • Faster and more efficient decision-making to increase the resilience of the economy and society
  • Transparent supply of information
  • Use of artificial intelligence – AI methods are hardly used in this context so far

Realization in SPELL:

Development of an open platform as the basis of a new digital ecosystem:

  • Secure integration of data, knowledge & processes
  • AI-based value-added services
  • Application-oriented information logistics

Potential for Innovation

Innovation leap in digitization of public and private control center tasks with major impact
  • Improving public health and safety
  • Detecting and mitigating threats to systemic logistics, industrial and economic sectors
  • Optimizing information provision to the population, strengthening trust in decisions
Unique digital SPELL ecosystem
  • Linkage of existing systems and data exchange via open platform & standards
  • Use of AI in the control center is novel
  • Creation of a new market for safety-related information and services
Data security and data sovereignty in a GAIA-X compliant way
Innovative AI services
  • Distributed deployment planning and coordinated decision support
  • Rapid generation of robust forecasts, e.g., of infection incidence, consequential damages, etc.
  • Simulations, analyses and serious games for the evaluation of measures and procedures
Safety and robustness of AI services through safety supervisor